The dinners at Kasvio are the creative motor driving the kitchen. Offering carefully created dishes made from organic, plant-based ingredients that change with the seasons and evolve thanks to collective research into the ingredients as well as the inspiration we get from cooperating with the communities and artists around us.

The dinner menu’s at Kasvio are inspired by memory and transformation. Thematically and in practice, we do not aim to replicate non-vegan dishes but instead we dive into our culinary memories for inspiration and transform these memories into something new. We do not replicate, but rather radically transform while holding a connection to the past, whether that be a place, person, or tradition. Stories define our lives, and like memories, they evolve every time they’re remembered and shared. 

Dinner at Kasvio is €59,00 per person. Optional extras include the perfect accompanying wines, kombuchas fermented in-house or craft-beers.


Dinner is served from Thursday to Saturday from 18.00 to 22.00, Sunday from 17.30 to 21.00.