Sustainable ingredients, food made with care.

Our Story

Welcome To Kasvio

Kasvio, Finnish for herbarium, is a plant-based restaurant that tells stories with and about food, collaborating with artists to create a unique eating experience.
The dishes are shaped by the seasons and involve continuous research into food (eco) systems both past and present.
Our inspirations are local organic horticulture, forests and foraging, as well as flavours, techniques and ingredients from a variety of culinary traditions.

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Sustainable ingredients, food made with care

Kasvio works with organic ingredients, the herbs are picked from
the garden of Metaal Kathedraal and our seasonal vegetables are sourced from small-scale growers. All our food and drinks are vegan.
We cooperate with producers that share our vision of food as craftsmanship, made with care and with respect for the environment.


Metaal Kathedraal

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Metaal Kathedraal: An Ecological Cultural Laboratory, working at the intersection of art, science and design. A monumental location where we have been building towards a regenerative society, stemming from ecological intelligence, since 2010.

Kasvio is part of the growing ecosystem of Metaal Kathedraal, A living lab that includes intercultural events, a herb garden, a mushroom farm, maker spaces, circular outdoor expo and artists-in-residence.