Where sustainable sourcing meets passion for plant-based cooking.

Our Story

Welcome To Kasvio

A thrilling culinary experience awaits you nestled in the relaxed ambience of Metaal Kathedraal in Leidsche Rijn, Utrecht.
Kasvio — Finnish for herbarium — is a vegan, casual fine dining restaurant serving carefully crafted dishes made from selected organic ingredients.

For us, simply replicating non-vegan textures and flavours is not enough. We’re on a mission to rethink, reinvent and reshape our relationship with food by diving into our culinary memories and transforming them into dishes never seen before.

Driven by a passion for high-end, plant-based cooking, our chefs draw inspiration from local horticulture, forests and foraging, as well as flavours, techniques and ingredients from a variety of culinary traditions.

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Sustainable ingredients, food made with care

Our seasonal menu draws on the talents of the entire kitchen team. The dishes are shaped by the seasons and inspired by continuous research into food (eco) systems, past and present.
We work with the finest organic ingredients, including fresh, hand-picked herbs from Metaal Kathedraal’s garden.
Everything on our menu is vegan and the vegetables used in our dishes are sourced from small-scale farmers.
We are proud to cooperate with producers who share our vision of food as craftsmanship, prepared with care and with respect for the environment.


Our chef

Mari Pitkänen

“What started for me as an activist approach to promoting plant-based food has evolved into a professional passion for vegan fine dining.
Inspired by my interest in creating new connections to our personal food histories,

Kasvio is a long-cherished dream.
It’s a space where the appreciation of food as a medium for storytelling meets the ambition for high-end vegan cooking. A space where the creative forces of the people I admire come together.”


Mari Pitkänen, Chef and Owner

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